Geometric Straw Mobile

I've been wanting to do this DIY post for awhile and I'm happy to finally be sharing it with you! These lightweight shapes are incredibly easy to hang (even with washi tape!) above your bed or desk or wherever! There isn't one method for threading the straws that works better than another, but that's why the fishing line is so amazing! You can't see it!

Supply List:
+ black (or colored) drinking paper straws

+ fishing line

+ scissors

+ hot glue


1. Set out 9 straws. You're basically making 3 triangles into one mega-diamond. Use a LONG piece of fishing line... so you have room to cut off the extra.

2. Thread 3 straws onto the fishing line. Thread it back through the first straw, connecting the triangle.

3. Thread 2 straws and connect them back through themselves. Add the third straw making it into a 3D shape.

4. Repeat on the other size.

5. Cut a small slit into one of the straws where the fishing line is ending. Slide the line into the slit and glue it lightly.

6. If you find these steps confusing, just keep looping the fishing line through over and over until you figure it out. It's clear!

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