Give Someone A Heart Attack!

Today's DIY post is super fun. You must do it for your Valentine. Grab a large box (we sprayed ours gold!), some balloons and a few of the supplies below and give someone a heart attack!

Supply List:

+ balloons

+ string

+ double sided or washi tape

+ assorted paper

+ scissors

+ pipe cleaners

+ tissue paper (for tassels)

+ large box (painted or wrapped)


1. Fill your balloons with helium and attach your string.

2. Make "fixins" for the balloons. Paper hearts, pipe cleaner hearts and tissue paper tassels.

3. Attach hearts with tape. Attach pipe cleaner hearts with tape. Attach tassels with string or tape.

4. Carefully put balloons in large box.

5. Give your Valentine a heart attack at work, at home, or on a date! Probably not outside though, or you'll loose all your pretty hearts!


Photos by Brooke Courtney // Model (team member) Tess // Tess is wearing a Women's Medium Love Heart White Fleck Tee

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