XOXO Painted Tablecloth

We're kicking things into full LOVE gear with a super easy DIY post to start your week. This project makes a great gift for your mom or friend, or as a fun addition to your Valentine's Day table and meal. Just make sure you put down newspaper or something so your paint doesn't soak through the material to your floor when painting! Have fun!

Supply List:

+ basic cotton material, cut to size of your desired table

+ acrylic or fabric paint

+ paint brush

+ newspaper (to put down underneath while painting)

1. Iron your fabric and set up your newspaper.

2. Starting in one corner, begin painting X's and O's in a pattern. Don't over think it. Let it be natural and uneven if necessary.

3. Let dry completely once your pattern is finished.

4. Wrap up for a friend, or set your own table for a Valentine's Day Meal!

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