Worship Music That We Are Listening To!

We love worship music and are constantly playing praise and worship songs in the walk in love. studio.  While, there are so many amazing worship artists, bands and songs out there that we love I thought I would share a few of my current favorites.  These are worship albums that you will find playing quite a bit in the walk in love. studio!  Even while we are packing up orders or sweeping the floor we try to have a heart that is worshiping our great God!

Worship Music You Should Be Listening To! Album Edition.

Young Oceans - Worship Music
1. Voices, Vol. 1 by Young Oceans

About Young Oceans: Young Oceans is a meditative art rock band from Brooklyn, NY.  The project originated with a collective of artists affiliated with Trinity Grace Church in NYC recording songs by songwriter Eric Marshall, pursuing a musical companion more for reflective prayer than congregational experience.   The resulting self-titled debut album was named Top 10 album of the year for 2012 by RELEVANT Magazine.  

My Thoughts on the Album: Voices Vol. 1 is the bands first major collaborative effort.  They teamed up with talented worship leaders and musicians such as, Harvest, Leeland, Evan Wickham, Ellie Holcomb, All Sons & Daughters, Sarah Macintosh and Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North, to bring some of the most amazing worship songs you'll ever hear.  I have always loved this band and am thrilled with this album.  It's so amazing to hear their unique sound paired up with some of these iconic voices of the worship music genre.

Favorite Song - Great is Our God (feat. All Sons + Daughters)

@youngoceans // Voices, Vol. 1 on Apple Music // youngoceans.com

Hillsong Young + Free Worship Music

2. Youth Revival (Live) by Hillsong Young + Free

About Hillsong Young + Free: Hillsong Young + Free is a collective of young people who come together to make music for youth and young adults everywhere. With hearts to bring truth to this generation, they sing passionately of their belief grounded in the love, grace and freedom found in having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their dream is that through the message that they bring, people everywhere would discover the very reason that they were created.

My Thoughts on the Album: The album, Youth Revival (Live), is the music they'll be playing at the dance party in heaven!  We play this album in the studio when we have lots of orders to pick and need to hustle while we work!  I love the dance and high energy feel of Hillsong Young + Free and  by adding the live element they've taken it to a whole new level.

Favorite Song - Face to Face (Live)

@hillsongyoungandfree // Youth Revival (Live) on Apple Music

Elevation Worship Music

3. Here as in Heaven by Elevation Worship

About Elevation Worship: Elevation Worship is the worship team of Elevation Church, based out of Charlotte, NC. Led by Pastor Steven Furtick, the church was formed in 2006 with a vision to see people far from God raised to life in Christ. Over the past ten years, Elevation has launched multiple locations in North Carolina and beyond.  Elevation Worship is made up of worship leaders and musicians who serve faithfully in the church every weekend to see this vision come to life. And since the beginning, Elevation Worship has believed in the power of writing and recording songs that lift up the name of Jesus and reflect what God is doing in and through the people of Elevation Church.

My Thoughts on the Album: Here as in Heaven is an inspiring album to pump you up about who God is and what He does in your life!  I am a fan of Steven Furtick and love that he shows up in the middle of this album with an encouraging word. 

Favorite Song - Grace Like a Wave

@elevationworship // Here as in Heaven on Apple Music // elevationworship.com

Jesus Is Worship Music Project

4. Jesus Is ____. Music Project by The City Church

About The City Church Music Project

The purpose of the Jesus Is _____ music project is too show the world who Jesus is. The City Church wants to inspire you to know Jesus in a greater and more intimate way. More than the lyrics, preaching, or music, they want you to encounter the person of Jesus and His love for you. This album is a compilation of original music and preaching clips about Jesus taken from various JESUS IS messages by Judah Smith.  

My Thoughts on the Album: Judah Smith is one of my favorite preachers so when I first heard this album I basically cried the whole time.  I love it because it just speaks to my heart and encourages me when I am frustrated or want to get fired up about Jesus.  If you ever see my crying while driving my red Chrysler Town and Country mini-van it's probably because I am listening to this album.

Favorite Song - Jesus is Our Joy (feat. Judah Smith)

Jesus Is ____ on Apple Music // jesusismusicproject.com

Passion Worship Music

5. Salvation's Tide Is Rising by Passion

About Passion: Released in early 2016 to coincide with the 268 Generation's annual Passion Conference, Salvation's Tide Is Rising is a studio recording featuring ten new worship songs from Christian artists like Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Crowder, Matt Redman, and a handful of other acts associated with the long-running organization. Founded in 1997 by Atlanta-based Pastor Louie Giglio, the Passion Conferences are held each winter and feature a large worship celebration and concert from prominent Christian artists. Unlike previous Passion releases, which are usually recorded live at the conference, this album was created in the studio in advance of the 2016 conference.  

My Thoughts on the Album: I have not had the pleasure of going to a Passion conference but I hope to someday.  I absolutely love all the worship music Passion releases and this album does not disappoint!  It's packed with so many truths about the amazing love of God.  It's hard to imagine a conference with so many amazing worship musicians all sharing the stage.  Brooke and I will definitely have to make our way down there one of these times.

Favorite Song - Salvation's Tide (feat. Kristian Stanfill)

@passion268 // Salvation's Tide Is Rising on Apple Music

Rend Collective Worship Music

6. As Family We Go by Rend Collective

About Rend Collective: Rend Collective have never lacked imagination. From the bewildering array of children’s toys and whimsical, handmade oddities they call instruments, to the hare-brained and wonderfully impractical scheme of recording a live album on the beach around a campfire, to the safety-defying audacity of shooting a music video on a fully-operational fishing boat in the turbulent Irish Sea, this fascinating worship community have always pursued the colorful and unexpected.  

My Thoughts on the Album: The Rend Collective have captured the idea that "the joy of the lord is our strength" in music form.  This album is a non-stop excitement filled joy anthem about Jesus and His love!  We listen to this whenever we want to get excited, dance for photos or just feel like we could play the banjo! 

Favorite Song - The Artist

@rendcollective // As Family We Go on Apple Music // rendcollective.com

Soak New Life Worship Music

7. Soak by New Life Worship

About New Life Worship: Every week, people from different backgrounds and generations join as one to engage in worship as a family at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From this place of worship, they go back to their homes, schools, and workplaces as carriers of the joy, hope, and life found in the presence of God.  Led by Jon Egan, the heartbeat of New Life Worship, the team of singers, musicians and songwriters is to help people encounter Jesus and develop a life of worship. Every song, every resource, every facet of New Life’s ministry is designed with that end in mind. Tried and tested, New Life is a strong local church with deep roots in worship, youth ministry, and missions.  

My Thoughts on the Album: I was hesitant when I saw this album come across my screen because it is instrumental and that usually isn't my thing, but I am SO glad I gave it a chance because I love it!  It has become one of my most listened to albums.  It's perfect when I want to write or do anything that takes more focus.  I listen to it while I read the Bible which helps me soak in the presence of God during those intimate times!

Favorite Song - All of Them (Listen to it from start to finish)

@newlifeworship // Soak on Apple Music // newlifeworship.com

 Fall Afresh Worship Music - Fresh Life Worship

8. Fall Afresh by Fresh Life Worship

About Fresh Life Worship: The vision of Fresh Life Church is to see people who are stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.  The Fresh Life Worship team is an extension of that vision.  Fall Afresh is the first full length album from the Fresh Life Worship team and it is a great reflection of the church and what they are all about.  

My Thoughts on the Album: I am a huge fan of head pastor Levi Lusko and after following him and watching his sermons I can say that this album is a perfect reflection of how he teaches and pastors Fresh Life Church.  The album contains 15 original songs that help you invite the presence of God as you worship.

Favorite Song - Fall Afresh

@freshlifeworship // Fall Afresh on Apple Music // freshlifeworship.com

Isla Vista Worship Music

9. My Psalms - EP by Isla Vista Worship

About Isla Vista Worship: Isla Vista Worship is simply this: a family and collective of musicians, artists, and worshipers whose desire is to express their love and worship to Jesus with a simple child-like faith. Our passion is to see heaven be released here on earth through creative expression. We yearn to simply obey Jesus and continually grow in Him. Doing this, as artists, we can’t help but continually grow and change in the sounds, styles, and genres we express our worship to Him through. It starts by changing a city, and eventually, changing the world.

My Thoughts on the album: Isla Vista Worship definitely has that indie vibe that I love.  As I listen to the My Psalms EP I find myself comforted in the melody, sound and voices of this group.  It's a relaxing collection of songs that I can listen to over and over again.

Favorite Song - Like a Child

@islavistaworship // My Psalms EP on Apple Music // islavistaworship.com

Jesus Culture Echo Worship Music

10. Let It Echo (Live) by Jesus Culture

About Jesus Culture: Jesus Culture is a community of worship leaders and musicians whose heart is to see a generation impacted by encounters with the presence of God. Originating out of the Jesus Culture movement which began in 1999, they recorded their first album in 2005 at their youth and young adult conference in Redding, CA. Since then Jesus Culture has released 9 annual live albums and over 20 solo artist albums. Jesus Culture leads worship both at their local church in Sacramento, CA and abroad through conference events and worldwide tours Jesus Culture is focused on equipping a generation to transform society by bringing people into an encounter with God’s love through worship and discipleship. The songs they release capture the heart of the movement.

My Thoughts on the Album: Kim Walker-Smith's voice holds a special place in my heart.  When I was in college and really strengthening my relationship with Jesus I listened/watcher her sing How He Loves on YouTube thousands of times.  So this album reminds me both of that time in life and how much I have personally grown in my faith since then.  Kim also has been spotted in the occasional walk in love. shirt which is awesome!  Like every Jesus Culture album Echo brings powerful live worship that celebrates who God is and what He does for us!

Favorite Song - In Your Presence

@jesusculture // Let It Echo (Live) on Apple Music // jesusculture.com

All Sons and Daughters Worship Music

11. Season One by All Sons & Daughters

About All Sons + Daughters: Music lovers worldwide are captivated, swept up in the surging wave of modern folk as heard in the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, Neon Trees, The Civil Wars and others. Organic, acoustic and packed with live energy and freedom, it's the unpolished imperfection and open invitation to sing along that has catapulted these artists into the spotlight and up the charts.  For All Sons & Daughters' Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, these qualities are even more keenly experienced in music that connects broken people with their God. Worship leaders at Journey Church in Franklin, TN, their critically acclaimed EPs, Brokenness Aside, Reason To Sing and The Longing, along with their full length albums, Season One and Live bear witness to the power of worship by the people, for the people and of the people. In the truest sense, the mesmerizing, soul-baring lyrics and acoustic styling of this talented duo are beginning to make an impact...inside and outside the church.

My Thoughts on the Album: I LOVE All Sons + Daughters!  A few years ago we had the pleasure of releasing a collection of shirts based of their lyrics.  This album contains some of the most powerful worship music I have ever heard and I am so thankful for their dedication to their craft and their ability to write beautiful songs and powerful melodies.  I can still remember the first time I heard the song "All The Poor and Powerless."  Such a powerful piece on our duties as Jesus followers. 

Favorite Song - All The Poor and Powerless

@allsanddmusic // Season One on Apple Music // allsonsanddaughters.com


I hope you enjoyed all the worship music suggestions.  This isn't an exhaustive list by any means but I hope it's a good place for you to find a new group or album you might have never heard of before.  I love worship music and I love that it has the power to draw us into the presence of God.  Make sure to give these bands a follow and support their amazing talent!  Enjoy! - T.J.


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    Yes! All these are awesome! And they’re a perfect mix of upbeat and perfect ones you can use in your prayer time and purely to sit in awe of Him! Thank you guys I got every single one! Keep walking in love ❤️

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    Great list! I love being able to discover all these different bands that all have such a different sound. Post more!

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