TVless Tuesdays

I love watching TV. And I don't have cable, so TV for me is Netflix.  My favorite show is The Office and I am always watching it.  As soon as I finish the series I just restart it.  I am not one of those people who says, "I never watch TV."  To be honest I think most people that say that are lying.  I think everyone watches quite a large amount of TV, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or movies.

Last year I wanted to read one book a month and by the time 2013 had ended I had read two books. That's all.  Just two books.  Not really something to be super impressed with.  I simply never really made time for reading. And when it came down to reading or watching Netflix, I always chose Netflix.

I want this year to be different. I want to read more than two books, so instead of just saying it I am making a change to make it possible.  I call it "TVless Tuesdays."  Every Tuesday in 2014 I will not watch TV, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or movies.  Instead, I will have to spend my evening doing something else, which I hope will give me more time to read. Or maybe do more house projects! But most importantly not sit in front of our TV like a mindless zombie, even though I love zombie shows like The Walking Dead.

If you are like me and are willing to admit you love TV (and could probably spend a little less time in front of it this year) join me for TVless Tuesdays. We'll end up with fifty-two days at the end of the year you did something else.

Plus, I just checked what is on cable on Tuesday nights and it's not even that good. Let's do this!

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  • T.J. says...

    Don’t worry Faith. I am with you. I had to change my whole morning routine. Stay strong!

    On Jan 07, 2014

  • faith says...

    ugh, this is the worst blog post ever. not only do i watch netflix way too much, but the office is my all time favorite show… i can easily watch an episode a day! i’ve been feeling super convicted to read more (especially my bible) and slow down on the tv watching, and i was doing a pretty good job of ignoring the conviction until i read this! now i’m going to get off my laptop where the netflix bookmark is calling my name and pick up one of the 11 books i’ve been promising myself i’d read for the last two years.

    On Jan 07, 2014

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