New Year's Resolution Party Hats

I love how at the beginning of every new year we make resolutions to better ourselves and others. But it's often hard to stick with them, or even remember what they were, at times. So! I thought the idea of wearing your resolution on your head all night (let's hear it for some accountability!) would be a great way to share your resolutions with your friends and look festive at the same time. Enjoy! And happy new year!!

Supply List:

New Year's Resolution Party Hat PDF (via walk in love.)

Cardstock + assorted papers

Pipecleaners, Pom Poms, Washi Tape, Markers, etc!


Hole Punch

Yard or Elastic

Glue (Hot or Elmers)


1. Print out our PDF on assorted papers. And gather all supplies.

2. Cut out the party hats and assemble with tape.

3. Decorate!!! Have fun! (Leave the space for the resolutions blank, so you're party guests can fill them out themselves!)

4. Punch holes in the sides and secure yarn or elastic with tape.

5. Put the finished party hats on display at your festive gathering and allow your guests to fill out their own resolutions, and ring in the New Year!



  • Laurie

    I love this idea! Gonna make this with my nieces and nephews as a prelude to our New Year’s Eve activities…Thank you !

  • Chelsea


    I love these hats and was wondering if the "happy new year’ print is available in a PDF print out?

    Thank you

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