Trust - VRSLY Devotional - 02.16.17

Recently, I've started lifeguarding at an indoor community pool. My favorite thing about the job are the regulars, and my favorite regulars to watch are a pair of swimmers in their mid-fifties by the names of Steve + Susan.

They caught my attention the first time they stepped into the pool because Susan is a quadriplegic, paralyzed in all four of her limbs. She enters the pool area in her motorized wheelchair with her brother, Steve. Steve gently places Susan on the pool’s chair lift and I lower her into the water. Steve hops in and they start swimming.

Obviously, since Susan has no movement in her limbs, swimming is very difficult. The first time they got in the pool I was worried, thinking, how is this going to work? Here is what I have the fortune of watching every time they swim while I am on duty.

Steve pushes Susan face-first down the lane. He follows closely behind, silently counting to twelve, while Susan twists, wiggles and struggles to move her body down the lane. After twelve seconds, Steve grasps Susan by the arms and pulls her out of the water so she can catch her breath. After Susan gives the okay, Steve pushes her underwater again and they slowly move down the lane together. This process happens over and over again as the siblings swim together.

As I watch this time and time again I am overwhelmed by the way Susan trusts Steve and the way Steve loves Susan. I see a glaring representation of my relationship with God as they make their way up and down the lanes during my shift.

Steve is constantly pushing Susan to get her going in the right direction, just as God is pushing on my heart to follow Him in the right direction. And on the other side of the swimming duo, Susan knows that she cannot swim on her own. She must rely on and trust Steve to play his part and pull her up for air, just as I must constantly trust God, wholeheartedly.

I find myself being challenged to trust God the way that Susan trusts Steve. I know Steve loves Susan with his whole heart, but how much more does our perfect Father love me?

He is always right behind me, gently straightening me out when I drift. He is there to give me a break to catch my breath and find peace in Him. He lovingly pushes me back into the water to challenge me to grow and pursue Him more.

Today I want to focus on trusting God the way Susan trust Steve. I want to swim ahead with confidence knowing that His love is the reason I can even jump into the pool at all.

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