Time To Grow - VRSLY Devotional - 04.20.17

I don’t think we give ourselves the space and time to grow. Our culture is so fast paced and we are expected to have it all together, be fully grown, and standing firm in our roots.

I know that in life I will be shaken. I know that in life I will be blown off course.

There is something incredibly beautiful in looking back at old journals and photos of where we have been. It’s easy to get caught up in romanticizing the past. We can get so distracted by yearning for our past adventures that we completely forget about the here-and-now, the adventure that we're currently living!

I once heard a podcast about a woman who won the distinction of being the fastest woman to solo sail around the world. One of the reporters asked her, “Is this the best moment of your life?” The sailer responded, “I like to believe that the best moments in life lay ahead of me.”

I think that is such an awesome perspective to have in life. Yeah, there are some cool places that I have BEEN, but there will be amazing places I will experience in the FUTURE too. We are called to have an eternal perspective. One day, when my time on this beautiful earth is through, I will be spending eternity with Jesus. Here is to past adventures and to the future places I will see.

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