Say Yes To New Adventures - VRSLY Devotional 06.12.17

We've all stalked someone’s Instagram story while they were on some beautiful island and drooled over the white beaches, awesome hiking trails and clear, sunny skies. Then we lift our heads and realize we’re merely stuck in our hometown that, in the moment, seems dreary, extra lame and simply put “not enough”.

We tend to think that we can only find adventure in the big things...the trips to Paris, owning some big successful business, flying out of the country, or hiking the Grand Canyon.

None of those things are bad! In fact, if you offered me any of those things I’d take them in a heartbeat. However, I’d be a fool to miss the adventure surrounding me each and every day.

It’s in the simple, in the small, and in the ordinary where we find the best adventures waiting for us. Going to garage sales with my wife Emily, looking for a fixer upper bike on craigslist for hours (online adventures still count in my book!), smoking a cigar with the guys... IS THERE REALLY ANYTHING MORE EXCITING THAN THAT?

Your adventure can start with the very next step you take. Don't miss it! Plus... all you have to do is say yes to it when it comes your way.

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