My Shield Is With God - VRSLY Devotional - 06.27.17

“God is my shield, saving those whose hearts are true and right.” - Psalm 7:10
Trouble won’t throw me
Won’t break me
Won’t scare me
No more
Fear must have thought I was faithless
When it came for my heart.
Lyrics from Not Today by Hillsong United
Things will come for your heart.
They will try and break you.
Try to convince you that you are worthless or undeserving of God's love.
This song reminds me that I have a Shield. I don’t have to listen to the lies. 
I know the truth.
You know the best way to quiet the lies?
To Worship your little heart out! 
I’ll sing the night into the morning

I’ll sing the fear into Your praise
I’ll sing my soul into Your presence
Whenever I say Your Name
Let the devil know not today

Lyrics from Not Today by Hillsong United

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