His Will Is - VRSLY Devotional - 04.05.17

“Thank you for your interest. After reviewing your skills and experiences as compared to those of other applicants, we have decided to move forward with candidates…”

Eyes swell + heart pounds.

This routine has become numbingly normal in my life since graduating college almost a year ago. Throughout this time, I have seen dream jobs come & go, planned to live in 15 different cities, and experienced every interview question known to man, all while learning to balance and still nurture other aspects of my life – which felt as though it was put on hold as I watched the world in fast forward.

As each day of disappointment led on, I eventually experienced a revolution in the way I prayed to God about my problems. Instead of sending up a perfect wish list for my life, I started to ask God what His will is for my life and to please, oh please, guide me to it. Now I look for his guidance through small mercies and I have become more satisfied and less disappointed. Less angry & more thankful.

It is through trusting that His will is better than our wildest dreams that hope & joy can be felt abundantly during a season of waiting and discouragement.

God’s plan > mine.

Lord, Thy will be DONE.

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