Hallelujah, Our God Reigns! - VRSLY Devotional - 07.16.17

Recently, I woke up really early one morning. I couldn’t sleep - there were SO MANY THINGS spinning in my head. Because the day doesn’t begin until coffee, I grabbed my mug, headed to the couch, and whispered ‘Good Morning’ to Jesus without thinking too much about it. But as I sat there, I was struck by the fact that no matter what time of the day, what day of the week, or what week of the month, I know that He hears me when I talk to Him.

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He is the Holy King of the entire earth - of every nationality, every country, every single person - He reigns. And as big as that is, I mean, as indescribable and unimaginable to our human brain as that is, He’s incredibly personal. Your big places of fear or doubt - He rules there. The places where you’re confused or worried or angry - He’s the Ruler. The bright spots that bring you joy unspeakable, yes, He’s there too. 

God, thank You that You reign over every area of my life. Today, I want to bring it all before You - to ask for guidance, to express gratitude, and to open my heart completely and honestly before You!

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