Glory - VRSLY Devotional - 04.28.17

When Christians see an amazing sunset like this, they often quote a verse in the Bible that says; "the heavens declare the glory of God." That’s because we often translate the word "glory" as splendor or beauty, but the Hebrew word here is "kabod" which means "heavy" or "weighty". Kabod is also the root of a word meaning "rich" in Hebrew because they would say a rich man was "heavy with wealth" in the same way we might say a rich person was "loaded" today.

The idea behind 'kabod' is that when we experience God’s glory, we’re experiencing the weight of His goodness, beauty, mercy and compassion. A sunset like this would be an example of the richness of God’s beauty … but we also experience His glory when we know the weight of His compassion during hard times. As author Sarah Young writes "… heaven’s glory can reach you in the present - no matter how dark your circumstances may appear". It’s when we’re facing difficulties that we experience the weight - kabod - of God’s compassion. 

Do you need to experience God’s glory today?

Photo and Devotion by @aussiedave | Design by @tjmousetis #VRSLY #madewithVRSLY #VRSLYdevotional

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