Everlasting Love - VRSLY Devotional - 03.03.17

We just got an In-and-Out in Denton. And oh, they've drawn me in with their animal style fries. So far I have a 3-day streak going. I keep wanting to experience the taste of that delicious "secret" sauce again. 

But I've noticed the more often I go the less it wows me. It's still good--don't get me wrong--just...less good. 

We experience things in life that keep us coming back for more because they make us feel good or they scratch a temporary itch. But over time those feelings and those experiences can fade. 

When I experience God's love, His kindness, His generosity, I'm floored every time. He draws me in with an unfailing love and kindness that never fades and never dulls. No matter how many times I throw myself at His feet--a sobbing, dirty mess--His forgiveness is the same. 

So don't resist. Let Him draw you in, and experience His everlasting love.

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